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Entrance Access Solutions Blog

This is where we keep you updated on upcoming events, company news, access control related regulatory, tips, tricks and how-tos, as well as other topics from the world that are close to our heart.

EAS operates throughout Scotland and area experts at installing an servicing all types of entrance solutions and automatic doors. Some of the services we offer include: Door installation, Door maintenance and a 24/7 Emergency call out service.

We cover a range of door related products, such as: Automatic Doors, Manual Doors, Aluminium Shop Fronts, Access Control and Disabled Access Door Systems.

The blog will be maintained by several members of the Entrance Access Solutions. We also welcome guest contributions. So, if you would like to add to this space please do get in touch with us.

Please make sure to check in regularly and let us know what you think. We’re looking forward to having this new line of communication with you! EAS

July 2017

Tips to Prolong The Life of Your Automatic Door

Tips to Prolong The Life of Your Automatic Doors Full Table of Content1 Tips to Prolong The Life of Your Automatic Doors 1.1 What is an Automatic Door and How Does It Work?1.1.1 Types of Automatic Doors1.1.1.1 Where are Automatic Doors Used?1.1.2 Looking After Your Automatic Door1.1.2.1 Tips to Prolong The Life of Your Automatic […]

June 2017

Disabled Access In Glasgow – Are We Doing Enough?

Disabled Access In Glasgow – Are We Doing Enough?Full Table of Content1 Disabled Access In Glasgow – Are We Doing Enough?1.1 My Take on Disabled Access in Glasgow1.1.1 Paper Cup, Great Western Road1.1.1.1 Elena’s Spanish Bar and Restaurant, Yorkhill1.1.2 Once Upon A Tart, King Street, Merchant City1.1.3 The Butterfly and The Pig & The Tearooms, Bath […]

April 2017

What’s Behind Glasgow Shop Fronts?

What’s Behind Glasgow Shop Fronts?Full Table of Content1 What’s Behind Glasgow Shop Fronts?1.1 List of our Favourite Glasgow Shop Fronts1.1.1 Stephen O’Neil1.1.2 Mr Bens1.1.3 Paper Plane 1.1.4 Love Music1.1.5 Pink Poodle1.1.6 The Shop of Interest1.1.7 The Glasgow Vintage Company1.1.7.1 Valhallas Goat1.1.7.2 Penny Black1.1.8 Sunshine No11.1.9 Starry Starry Night1.1.9.1 Solo1.1.10 About Living1.1.10.1 My Home Bakery1.1.11 Maia […]

What is the Future of Access Control Solutions?

What is the Future of Access Control Solutions?Full Table of Content1 What is the Future of Access Control Solutions?1.1 What is Access Control? Keypad Entry System1.1.1 Fob Entry System1.1.1.1 Biometric Systems1.1.2 Audio and Video Access Control Solutions1.1.3 Mobile Controlled Access Solutions1.1.4 Access Control Controlled by an App In this Blog we are going to explore […]

The Changing Face of Shopfronts

The Changing Face of ShopfrontsFull Table of Content1 The Changing Face of Shopfronts1.1 What is a Shopfront?1.1.1 Medieval Period (476 – 1492)1.1.2 Georgian Period (1714 – 1830)1.1.3 Victorian Period (1837 – 1901)1.1.4 Modern Shopfronts In this Blog we want to take a quick look at the changing face of shopfronts in the UK. They have […]

March 2017

Proud to be helping Lucy to get to the special Olympics

One of the guiding principals of Entrance Access Solutions is to support our community. We believe it is important to support charities and foundations that make our society richer and help us take a step back to appreciate what we have. This March we teamed up with The Munro Agency and decided to support a […]

December 2016

Entrance Access Solutions Launches New Website

We’re excited to announce that after months of hard work, the brand new Entrance Access Solutions  website officially launched in December! The completely redesigned website offers our customers easier navigation, better options to contact us, responsive design, a new blog section and an overall better customer experience. The new design is intended to offer easier, more intuitive […]